Today's choices create tomorrow's reality

Change is the dominant reality in today’s world. Our societies, economies, and environment are all changing much faster than they used too. Our collective actions are inextricably linked to, and affect, both ourselves and the ecosystems within which we live.  Navigating such dynamic, interdependently connected systems can be difficult, and CairnSCS has a series of tools to provide wayfinding in your organization’s path to sustainability.

When working with you to map your sustainability goals, we will work to:

  •  Provide the details necessary for awareness your impacts;
  •  Learn from the results of those actions so that it can improve, and;
  •  Continue that process iteratively.


AWARENESS requires measuring not only what we did in the past, but the choices that we make today.

Cairn Sustainability Consulting Services has over 20 years of combined experience with data collection and analysis.  The metrics that we are most experienced with include Greenhouse Gas Inventories, AASHE’s STARS program for Colleges and Universities, STAR for cities, and waste stream analysis. The Cairn team is able to coordinate and organize internal data collection processes to facilitate the measurement and assessment processes.

LEARNING may be either deliberate (through a review and synthesis process) or evolutionary (through the loss of unfit populations). The first is less destructive.

Once we provide thorough data, Cairn Sustainability Consulting Services can lend our knowledge to define and chart next steps. Analytic reports and presentations for all of your many stakeholders are a standard element of this process. We can identify the largest obstacles that stand in the way of your sustainability goals, and tap into the knowledge of your team in order to design a path that will work best for you. We are well equipped to facilitate discussions within large and diverse groups to guide the planning you are looking for, or set you up with the data so that you can tackle planning head on.

ITERATION requires an embedded, social learning and change process.

The Cairns along our path are lessons learned, by us or by others, that provide a modicum of guidance on the path ahead. Sustainability is by definition a long term commitment. Cairn Sustainability Consulting Services will provide you with a sustainability map, and we will help develop processes to implement that plan as well. We work with organizational leaders and front runners to develop internal review processes, and mechanisms for feedback loops to guide adaptation in the future. This dedication to long term success is what sets CairnSCS apart from other sustainability consultations.